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lace.exe has stopped working. What can I do?
I have an Apple Computer with OS X Lion and LACE won't install.
Where can I download the latest version of LACE?
How do I install LACE on my Windows Computer?
How do I install LACE on my Apple/Mac Computer?

Started LACE in the office, took it home and registration code doesn't work. What gives?
I have older versions of LACE with expired registration codes.
My computer crashed and now I can't register LACE.
LACE is unable to connect to the Internet for registration.

Can multiple people use the same copy of LACE?
Can I use headphones with LACE?
Can I Use LACE On More Than One Computer? Will LACE save my settings?
Do I need a hearing aid to benefit from LACE?
Why can't I understand the first sentences?
Why does the volume level change while using LACE?
Can I continue to use LACE once I complete the initial 20 sessions?

How many lessons are on the DVD version of LACE?
Why does my DVD repeat the same question multiple times?

Is there a version of LACE for children?
Are there any other versions of LACE with 'non-American English' material?
How does LACE improve my hearing?


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