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We recently received a letter from LACE user Jim Kurfess. Jim, 84, used hearing aids successfully for more than two decades before encountering severe deterioration in hearing and listening comprehension.

Since then, Jim has made two helpful discoveries:  a way of using LACE to demonstrate his difficulties to a dubious spouse, and a simple but effective communication tool that aids him in every social situation. Read on.


“Dear Neurotone,

“I believe that hearing loss is the most complex, most misunderstood and most devastating, if lost or significantly weakened, of all our senses. My own very difficult and ongoing transition from moderate to severe hearing loss is the reason for this opinion. The vast array of products, services, support groups et al that exist to help hearing impaired people strengthens it mightily.

“After using hearing aids successfully for 22 years, my hearing deteriorated over a two-year period during which my wife, PeeDee, and I learned the disaster caused by severe hearing loss! The final piece of the puzzle of my hearing loss fell into place on a cruise in January 2015. I sat at a table for six in the boat’s huge dining room and literally couldn’t understand a word my tablemates said. I could hear them well: I couldn’t understand them!

“We were thus catapulted into a terribly difficult world which has taken years to understand, to the extent possible, and try to learn how to deal with. For most of that very difficult two-year period, my wife absolutely couldn’t believe I was “hard of hearing.” After all, we had talked to and understood each other well for 54 of our 56-year marriage. That was the worst we faced.

“I have the LACE listening course to thank for finally convincing her that I am truly hard of hearing. I scored 131 on the comprehension test at the beginning of the course! After trying 6 sessions, I had a “eureka” moment and asked PeeDee to watch a segment of a lesson with me and tell me how many words, phrases or sentences she could understand and repeat out loud; she understood and could repeat every word of every sound bite. I could do none! She truly understood from that moment on. Thank you! Perhaps this is a potential new service to add to your array.

“Hearing loss is very, very complicated, grossly misunderstood and is unique individual to individual. What works for me is not necessarily applicable to others, but I suggest the card/note as an arrow in the quiver for people with hearing loss to be used if and when necessary. They can keep a few cards in their wallet, pocket, pocketbook, etc. for use with doctors, lawyers, financial advisers and even more important, with family involved in important decision-making discussions. For me it is comfortable to have around—my neck!”

—Jim Kurfess

What’s on that card?


I Have Hearing Loss

Please talk to me face to face

So I can read your lips.


The idea for the card came to Jim just before his wife’s scheduled hip surgery in 2016. He needed to be able to hear and be understood by doctors and nurses. And now he takes it many places:

“With the card in full view hanging from a lanyard around my neck, I can confidently go anywhere I want to go! I am comfortable going to stores, shops, doctors’ offices, a crowded VA medical clinic, etc. I am comfortable because people who want to or have to talk to me or vice versa will be aware of my severe hearing loss and how to overcome it! It works very, very well.”

For more ideas on quickly improving your listening comprehension, read 10 Tips on Communication for the Hard of Hearing from LACE Auditory Training.

Do you have tips on coping with your hearing loss? If so, please share them in the comments section!



LACE – Listening And Communication Enhancement


LACE – Listening And Communication Enhancement

Conceived by leading audiologists at the University of California at San Francisco and implemented by silicon valley software veterans, LACE® Auditory Training programs retrain the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as:

  • Noisy restaurants
  • Rapid speakers
  • Competing speakers

Just as physical therapy can help rebuild muscles and adjust movements to compensate for physical weakness or injury, LACE can help you develop skills and learn strategies for dealing with situations when hearing is inadequate.

LACE Online

LACE Online (LOL) is a browser-based web app that enables low cost LACE aural rehabilitation training from any device with an internet connection. With LOL there is nothing to download or install. The app can be easily accessed through any modern web browser at www.lacelistening.com.

LOL training can be started on one device and easily completed on another. So you can train at home or on the go and remain completely synchronized across all devices.

LACE Online

Training Modules

  • Speech-in-Noise

    According to the American Academy of Audiology, LACE’s Speech-in-Noise Training Works! Read more.

  • Rapid Speech

    This module helps train you to better understand fast talkers.

  • Competing Speaker

    This module trains you to understand the voice you want to hear when there are competing speakers.

  • Word Memory

    This module helps train your brain to fill in the blanks.

Other Features

  • Industry Standard QuickSIN™ Scoring

    The QuickSIN is a speech-in-noise test that quickly and easily measures your ability to hear in noise.

  • Adaptive Real-Time Training

    LACE works with you and adapts to your answers so it will never be too easy or too hard.

  • Professional Reporting

    Hearing Professionals have a private and secure area to view patient training data.

  • Access Training Anytime, Anywhere

    You can access LACE training from any modern web browser with an internet connection – on Apple and Windows computers, as well as iOS and Android devices.

LACE Online has been upgraded!

We are excited to announce the release of the next generation of LACE Online training. This newly upgraded, feature-rich LOL replaces our LACE Home Edition product and includes exciting new features:

  • Expanded training sessions at varying levels of difficulty
  • Support for the latest iOS and Android devices
  • Secure area for hearing professionals to review patient progress and scores
  • An upgraded HIPAA compliant back-end

I have had many opportunities to practice what I’ve learned, so the training was very realistic


It taught me I could concentrate and follow one voice, and get better at it


I pay closer attention to the person speaking in social situations


LACE “gives you skills and shows you how to get better hearing and listening skills”


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